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Construction Permit Pamplets


Section R108.2.1 of the Kentucky Residential Code and Section 108.2 of the Kentucky Building Code establish additional fees for any person commencing work on a building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system before obtaining the necessary permits.  A specific additional minimum fee of $500 was added to the language governing work commencing before permit issuance and became effective on July 29, 2009.

As this was brought to our attention early in 2011, the OMPC has recently begun enforcement of this requirement for the assessment of additional fees for those persons commencing work without the appropriate permits.  This will ensure that all property owners, contractors, electricians and HVAC contractors have a consistent level playing field as they practice their business within Daviess County and the City of Owensboro.

The additional fee imposed when one fails to obtain the appropriate permit shall be equal to the amount of the original permit fee but not less than $500 as stated by the KRC R108.2.1 and KBC 108.2.  For example, if the cost of the permit calculates to $100, a person not obtaining the permit would pay the $100 permit fee plus the additional minimum fee of $500 for a total fee of $600 before the work could proceed.  If the permit fee calculated to $750, a person failing to obtain a permit would pay $1500, the amount of the original fee plus the amount equal the original fee before the work could proceed.

The importance of obtaining the necessary permits cannot be overstated.  In addition to being fair and consistent to all citizens, the permit process allows the opportunity for proper inspections to assure the public health, safety and welfare.

Building Code Announcements

The 2007 Kentucky Residential Code (KRC) is comprised of the 2006 International Residential Code (IRC) plus the amendments Kentucky has made to the IRC. The IRC can be purchased by calling 1-800-786-4452, or at,, or The Kentucky amendments to the IRC must also be printed to have a complete copy of the 2007 KRC. These amendments are available at


For any information concerning the following topics, please contact the Electrical Division of the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction. Staff contact information may be obtained at

  • State Electrical Inspections
  • Electrical License Continuing Education
  • Electrical License

To order a copy of the National Electrical Code, please contact:

1 Batterymarch Park
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Various software packages are avaliable that will aid in determining compliance with the energy code.  The Department of Energy has a link on their website, to software that will assist you with commercial and residential energy compliance tools.

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