Owensboro Riverfront District Master Plan Report

Owensboro Riverfront District Master Plan Report

December 18, 2001

Prepared by EDSA, PDR, Applied Technology and Management, Economics Research Associates, The Waterfront Center, Thomas L. Tapp

Master Plan Report Documents

Preliminary Schematic Design Presentation (3/24/04)

Aesthetic Issues Related to Riverfront Design (4/5/04)

Riverfront Focus

Over the past fifty years, the community has developed a number of plans for the Ohio riverfront, exhibiting a range of different priorities. Some were implemented, many were not. Most recently, the City has refocused on discovering the riverfront. This commitment has included securing federal and state dollars to fund a Riverfront master planning process as well as funding for further planning and design of an initial project.

Grassroots support for the riverfront has been building within the community. PRIDE, a non-for-profit organization committed to public participation, Downtown Owensboro, Inc., and other community organizations have made promoting the Riverfront Master Plan project a priority within their organizations.

The Comprehensive Plan for Owensboro, Whitesville, and Daviess County has long recommended that a special interest district plan be developed for the Ohio riverfront. The goal is to enhance public access to the riverfront and to increase residential, recreational, festival and tourist opportunities in the vicinity of the river. The Comprehensive Plan calls the Ohio River the most physically and historically significant feature of our community. The City further established these main objectives:

Build a world-class riverfront that will be enjoyed by Owensboro residents as well as citizens from surrounding regions now as well as for future generations
Enhance downtown, encourage private development and business, and promote Owensboro as a riverboat destination
Create a riverfront that accommodates boaters, fishermen, pedestrians, and nature lovers, as well as to accommodate “our many festivals, which attract tourism
Seek a partnership with a team who will listen to the Owensboro Community to gain insight and understanding about what we want our riverfront to become

Consultant Team

The City began the solicitation and selection process for planning and design consultants in late 2000 and by spring 2001, selected the EDSA team for the Riverfront Master Plan. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, EDSA assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts:

PDR/ A Tetra-Tech Company – Civil Engineering and local liaison, located in Owensboro, Kentucky
Applied Technology and Management (ATM) – Marina Consultants, located in Charleston, South Carolina
Economics Research Associates (ERA) – Economic Consultants, located in Chicago, Illinois
The Waterfront Center – Public Consensus Building Consultant, located in Washington, DC
Thomas L. Tapp – Recreation Consultant, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Report Documents

Master Plan Sheet – Tiled Images for easy viewing / printing
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Master Plan Sheet – Full Image
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Owensboro Riverfront District Master Plan Report
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Selected Sheet Images

Riverfront District Analysis
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Civic Space
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Riverwalk Promenade
Top of Bank

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Riverwalk Promenade

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Riverwalk Promenade
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2nd & 4th Streetscape

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Priority Development Strategy
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Phase One Implementation
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