Comprehensive Plan

Kentucky Revised Statutes, Chapter 100, requires a local government to adopt a comprehensive plan, in order to apply land use regulations — zoning and subdivision regulations. This requirement discourages the arbitrary application of land use regulations. Rather, it encourages a local community to devise a vision of its future, and to apply land use regulations as tools to implement that vision.

The OMPC adopted the updated plan on December 13, 2018.

NOTE: You will need the free Adobe Reader® to view the following documents. The links below will cause the corresponding PDF page to be downloaded to your computer and opened. Some map overlays may appear slowly on your monitor, but they should print correctly.

DOWNLOAD the current Land Use Map 12mb. This is a large file that could take a few moments to open. This map is intended to be printed on a large sheet of paper by a large format plotter.

DOWNLOAD the entire Comprehensive Plan 8.5mb.

VIEW individual sections below.

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