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Forms – Regulations

Owensboro Metropolitan…

Plans – Reports


Street Index – Owensboro-Daviess County, KY… Address Ranges, 911 Emergency Service Numbers, OMPC Map & Neighborhood Numbers

Adobe PDF Version 195kb

Building Permits for New Construction by Use Calendar Years Listed Individually Number of Permits, Dwelling Counts, Construction Costs 14kb

Proposed Downtown Illustrative Plan

Downtown Placemaking Iniative

Owensboro Riverfront District Master Plan Report (December 2001) – Read the report, view plan sheets.

Old Germantown Project

Mechanicsville Project

A Report of the Governor’s Smart Growth Task Force (November 2001) 3.30Mb – What is Smart Growth? What is Sprawl? Read the report of Governor Paul E. Patton’s Smart Growth Task Force.

Rapid Rural Subdivision is converting Daviess County’s farmland into residential lots. Since 1980, the OMPC has been monitoring the pace of rural development.

Census 2010

For current census information for Daviess County, City of Owensboro and the City of Whitesville to the Kentucky State Data Center.  See Section 2 – Popluation under the Comprehensive Plan for selected demographics.

Flood Insurance Study for Owensboro-Daviess County (April 16, 2009) 17.0Mb – Caution! This large PDF file (17Mb) is a scanned (image-only) version of the printed Flood Insurance Study that is issued by FEMA. It could take a very long time to download. It is of interest primarily to civil engineers for use in the engineering design of development projects. This copy does not include any amendments that may have been issued by FEMA since April 16, 2009.

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