Subdivision Regulations

The Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission adopts the Owensboro Metropolitan Subdivision Regulations for Owensboro, Whitesville, and Daviess County, Kentucky. The Subdivision Regulations guide the division of land into appropriate-sized building lots based on zoning and require an adequate distribution of public facilities to service those lots. The Subdivision Regulations are based upon and used to implement the community’s Comprehensive Plan. In particular, they are designed to…

  • Encourage the development of sound, healthful, and economically stable residential, commercial, industrial, and public areas
  • Provide for safe, convenient, and efficient traffic circulation
  • Coordinate land developments in order to insure that our future physical growth will be orderly, efficient, and conducive to the minimum out-lay of public and private expenditures in providing services to new growth areas
  • Minimize fire hazards
  • Provide for light and air in habitable structures, and
  • Provide for the overall harmonious development of our entire community.

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Revised 12/09/2005

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Appendix A: Owensboro Metropolitan Public Improvement Specifications – Excerpts included for reference:

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