2003 Zoning Ordinance Revisions

Owensboro Metropolitan Zoning Ordinance

In December 2002, the Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission appointed a committee to review the Owensboro Metropolitan Zoning Ordinance. One of the many objectives of the Zoning Ordinance is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of Daviess County. Another is to facilitate orderly and harmonious development in the visual or historic development of Daviess County. The Zoning Ordinance is one of the regulatory documents for implementation of the adopted Comprehensive Plan for Owensboro, Whitesville, and Daviess County, Kentucky. The Zoning Ordinance is adopted by the OMPC and local legislative bodies (Daviess County Fiscal Court, Whitesville City Commission and Owensboro City Commission).

From February to September 2003, the Review Committee met twice a month at Owensboro City Hall. The Review Committee was charged with the task of conducting a thorough review and update of the entire Zoning Ordinance. Here is a list of the agenda topics.

On November 13, 2003, the Review Committee presented its draft update of the Zoning Ordinance to the Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission at its regular monthly meeting. The OMPC considered public comments at the hearing and incorporated some changes. Refer to the minutes of the meeting (item #3) for the specifics.

On December 11, 2003, the Planning Commission held a public hearing and approved the draft as revised. The OMPC has forwarded the draft to the local legislative bodies along with its recommendation for adoption. Once adopted by the city commissions of Owensboro and Whitesville, and by Daviess County Fiscal Court, the revisions will take effect in each respective jurisdiction. The Schedule of Adoption and the draft articles follow below.

Schedule of Adoption Date Action
Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission (OMPC) 12/11/2003 APPROVED
Daviess County Fiscal Court 01/22/2004 1st Reading
Daviess County Fiscal Court 02/05/2004 APPROVED on 2nd Reading
City of Owensboro 02/17/2004 1st Reading
City of Owensboro 03/02/2004 APPROVED on 2nd Reading
City of Whitesville 03/02/2004 1st Reading
City of Whitesville 04/06/2004 APPROVED on 2nd Reading

Zoning Ordinance Revisions 10/2003
Includes original text, insertions, and deletions. The revised articles listed below were approved by OMPC on 12/11/03, Daviess County Fiscal Court on 2/5/04, City of Owensboro on 3/2/04, and City of Whitesville on 4/6/04.

Background & Findings | List of Changes

Download Entire Draft 1.8Mb

2003 Zoning Ordinance Review Committee Members

  • Dave Appleby, Chairman
  • Roger Bellamy, Whitesville City Commissioner
  • Eric Davis, Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce
  • Mimi Davis, City Commissioner
  • Judy Dixon, Planning Commissioner/Board of Adjustment member
  • Greg Hamilton, Surveyor, HRG
  • Martin Hayden, Planning Commissioner
  • Kate Higdon, Executive Director PRIDE
  • Bruce Kunze, County Commissioner
  • Al Mattingly, Jr., City Commissioner
  • Gary Noffsinger, AICP, OMPC Director
  • C.A. Pantle, Owensboro Board of Adjustment member
  • Ward Pedley, Owensboro Board of Adjustment member
  • Mike Riney, County Commissioner
  • Mike Volk, OMU Utility Representative
Staff Support:
  • Jim Mischel, Associate Director of Building and Electrical
  • Becky Stone, AICP, Planner II
  • Stewart Elliott, OMPC Attorney

If you have questions or comments, please contact the OMPC staff at stonebl@owensboro.org or 270-687-8654.